Company Profile

Company History

1965 Foundation
1975 Conversion to joint-stock company
1996 Company equity is publicly offered on the OTC market
2004 Listed on the JASDAQ Stock Exchange (currently Osaka Securities Exchange)
2007 Started general franchising of individualized teaching Kotaro Jyuku
Started the external sales of video-delivery type of classes Wingnet
2010 Transferred to a holding company system
Acquired the video production company JAPAN LAIM CO.,LTD. to be in the Ichishin Group
Formed a business alliance with the Gakken Group
2011 Acquired EDO CULTURAL CENTER CO.,LTD. which runs a Japanese language school, to be in the Ichishin Group
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Summary of Account Settlement/Scale of Operation
(Consolidated as of February, 2011)

Sales Volume: 18,874 million yen Total Assets: 11,350 million yen
Current Profit: 455 million yen Net Assets: 5,371 million yen
Current Net Income: 160 million yen
Number of Students: 46,146 (including 1,871 students in the general franchises of Kotaro Jyuku and 7,284 students in the Wingnet affiliated schools)
Number of Locations: 363 (including 43 locations of the general franchises of Kotaro Jyuku)
Number of Staff Members: 5,886 (3,886 in the instruction section and 2,000 in the administrative section; including temporary workers)
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