Introduction of Business Descriptions


This is a core business of the Ichishin Group and accounts for 80% of Ichishin Group sales. ICHISHIN CO.,LTD. offers a combined learning system: group learning/individualized teaching/video classes/corrections for correspondence courses for elementary school students up to students preparing for college entrance exams.

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Ichishin Gakuin

Ichishin Gakuin offers group learning for elementary and junior high school students and introduces Wingnet for high school students, which is a video-delivery type of class.
Having credentials for 46 years since its foundation, Ichishin Gakuin has a theme ??For Each One of the Students?? and aims to foster thinking skills.

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Ichishin Yobiko

This is a preparatory school for current high school students. Our mottos are ??Compatible Principle?? to combine high school life and exam study and ??Principle of Passing Directly on Graduation?? to aim for passing the first-choice college entrance examinations directly from high school.

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Kogakusha oversees an individualized-learning business for elementary school students up to high school graduates.

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Kotaro Jyuku

The mottos are ??Being Relieved to Know?? and ??Principle of Focusing on the Basics.?? One teacher for every two students is the standard teaching format. Also, a movie-delivery type of class called Wingnet is introduced to the directly managed schools to differentiate them from other companies.

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Ichishin Tutor Bank

This is a home tutor dispatch business. Head office staffs select and dispatch the most appropriate tutors to meet various needs.

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Wing Kotaro

This is a new individualized learning system using movies. Full-fledged business will be started from the summer in 2011. Since this education system does not require teachers, it becomes possible to conduct businesses in the areas where securing teachers are difficult and leads to eliminate education gap among the areas.

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The company sells Wingnet, which is a video-delivery type of class via the Internet. The number of videos is 1,330 courses and 18,700 classes for a wide range of grades from elementary school students to high school students, and sales to cram schools and schools in local regions continues at a good pace. The company delivers not only the content for exam preparations but also the content for Japanese language education and preparation for job hunting and teaching club activities; the company is expanding their customer segment. This is a field that has the most growth potential for the future.

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The company offers movies for teachers and company PR movies. High-quality movies created by trusted company staff with actual performances and experiences receive high acclaim from each authority concerned. As a core of movie section within the Ichishin Group, the company operates businesses in order to maximize synergy effect.

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The company offers Japanese language education courses to manage a Japanese language school. Edo Cultural Center provides education not only for the language but also for acquiring Japanese cultural knowledge and communication skill with Japanese people; the course is very popular among the students who wish to work in Japan after graduation. The company also uses movies. The company plays a central role in Ichishin Group??s overseas development.

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Ichishin Research Institute offers comprehensive support for sales planning, skill development, and information management businesses. The company provides a wide range of support services for developing teaching methods and sales plans for different teaching formats in elementary school, junior high school, and high school by developing educational materials and curricula, creating manuals, training instructors, conducting R&D on new products, aggregating and sharing exam information, publishing exam guidebooks, rating various types of exams, promoting IT systems within our group, and total management of mission-critical systems.

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The company is engaged in the educational materials printing and delivery businesses and in the classroom facility management business to create learning environments. The company is a major power as a logistics line for each sales division in the Ichishin Group.